Convenience is killing you.

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Here is the sad truth. Many people in today’s developed countries trade growth, opportunity for character building, and physical and emotional help for convenience. It’s a plague that’s slowly sucking the life out of humanity.

In this video, Chris Waters (The Huntsman) outlines the danger in the belief that just because something is convenient or easy doesn’t mean that it is good and that a balance between easy and difficult things is the path toward a full and rich life.

Engaging in outdoor activities like hunting can be a challenging yet immensely rewarding endeavor. The physical demands and mental fortitude required in the pursuit of game contribute to character-building and personal growth. Hunting not only tests one’s endurance but also fosters a deep connection with nature, promoting a healthier lifestyle. The outdoors provides a unique setting for self-discovery and reflection, allowing individuals to escape the conveniences of modern life and appreciate the primal essence of survival. Beyond the thrill of the chase, hunting instills a sense of responsibility and respect for wildlife, emphasizing the importance of conservation. In essence, the difficulty of hunting is a conduit for personal development, offering a path towards a more enriched and fulfilled life.

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