How To Tell if You’re Being Scammed: Love Scammers’ Tactics Exposed | Talking Point Extra

With the help of anti-scam organisations, #TalkingPoint producer Cheryl Tan got hold of scripts used by Asia-based love scam syndicates to execute ‘pig butchering scams’ – a mashup of romance scam and fake investment schemes. These scammers target victims, many highly educated professional women, from all over – the US, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. (Watch:

These syndicates have developed handbooks of psychologically manipulative tactics detailing step-by-step instructions and conversation techniques, to allay victims’ suspicions – so they don’t realise until it’s too late. (Are you the victim of a scam or know someone who is? Email us your story:

So in this #TalkingPointExtra, Cheryl shares how to identify when you – or someone you know – are being manipulated.

00:00 Why it’s called ‘pig butchering’ scam / 杀猪盘
01:35 Where are scam syndicates based?
01:59 Why are Singaporeans targeted?
02:09 Apps & platforms where scammers hunt for victims
04:15 Conversation techniques to build an emotional connection
06:14 Why scam syndicates think women make easier targets
08:12 A victim shares why she decided to ‘invest’
08:32 How scammers get victims hooked on ‘investment platforms’
10:16 Why highly educated women still get scammed
10:53 Plot twist – the scammers are victims too.
11:49 Dangers of filming in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
12:30 Where to get help

For help wherever you are, contact:
Global Anti-Scam Organization
Global Anti-Scam Alliance

If you’re in Singapore:
For scam-related advice, call the anti-scam hotline 1800 722 6688 or go to http://www.scam
To provide information on scams, call the police hotline 1800 255 0000, or submit online at

Watch the full episode of Asia’s Tinder Swindlers: Exposing Love Scam Rings In Cambodia :

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