Sharing your community hunting stories & questions #2

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Video description:

Back by popular demand I’ve got another community stories and questions episode to share.

In this video I cover the dangers of hunting in summer, discuss pros and cons of blaze, including harvesting wild meet in your children’s home schooling and even check in with Milton the South Australian self declared poaching.

If you’re interested in Hunting in Australia, are invested in our community, want to learn more about hunting or just want to walk away from a video encouraged you should check out this video.

A big thank you to every who continues to dig deep into our community and share their thoughts, questions and experiences via email, YouTube and our socials. A big thank you especially to those people who have joined the Hunting Trips Australia hunting club and those who are hosted their own hunts! This is how we are going to grow closer together as a community and help change the wider Australian hunting culture.


00:00 – Into:
00:38 – Inspiring hunter
02:16 – Celebrating the life of an animal
04:07 – Milton S South Australian self declared poacher
06:24 – The issues with hunting in summer
09:18 – The pros and cons of wearing blaze coloured clothing
11:25 – Teaching your kids to hunt and harvest at school
14:11 – Wisdom shared from a NSW 7 day hunting adventure

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