Superdog’s final adventure #shorts

10 years, 3 months and 2 days…and right by my side for every one of them.
I COULD write 3 massive books about the amazing life he lead, but I think I can try to sum up Superdog by telling you what lead to this video here. he went into the vet on Sunday June 19th…which just so happened to be Father’s Day. We brought him because he’d had a bit of a cough and seemed short of breath. We thought maybe he’d swallowed something he wasn’t supposed to. After x-rays, they told us that he had a MASSIVE amount of cancer in his lungs that had spread pretty much everywhere. On top of that, his heart had enlarged and it was bleeding. It was amazing he was even alive let alone running and playing like he was. If he were a person, he probably wouldn’t have had the strength to get out of bed…but he was SUPERDOG, so he got to have this day with us. Plus, he’d probably had these issues for a long time and he was just so damn strong and unstoppable, we never knew. He went out strong, and as he did, I told him that he’d finally be able to do the one thing he never could in his current super body…and that was FLY!
I love you Superdog!
Superdog Jaws Gustin 3/18/12 -6/19/22