The hidden journey of a vaccine through Changi Airport

For temperature-sensitive shipments, it is important that the goods are stored in environments that keep them in optimal shape. When these environments in which they are transported – by air, sea or land – are not conducive to maintaining their quality, they turn bad. To name one such example that relies heavily on highly specific conditions during shipments is easy – the vaccines 💉.

In the two million tonnes of cargo that Singapore Changi Airport handles every year 🛩, temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, fruits, vegetables and flowers comprise a significant portion. Recently, the increased regulatory demand for COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots in Singapore has seen supply chain and airport management teams working closely to ensure the smooth delivery of vaccines from the airport to the vaccination centre. But the COVID-19 vaccines are just one type shipped into the country.

For many years, we have been managing the deliveries of various vaccines to and from our runways. On the surface, it may seem like a simple management of cargo, but a lot goes behind the scenes. A special task force comprising operations staff such as Sats and dnata, customs and logistics teams, as well as ground workers, ensure the vaccines are safely stored in containers at optimal temperatures and transported with the highest level of handling at every step of the way.

From cool dollies to temperature-controlled warehouses, we give you a glimpse of the hidden journey these vaccines take before they are made available to healthcare professionals and yourself.

Learn how it’s like to work as a cargo agent managing critical shipments like vaccines:–a-former-passenger-service-agent-turned-cargo-agent-.html

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