Why can’t we hunt kangaroo in Australia? #HuntingAustralia

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Why can’t we hunt kangaroo in Australia? It’s a great question, I believe the ethical and responsible Australia hunter should be able to hunt Kangaroo, just like we can hunt deer, scrub bull, banteng, deer, camel, wild horses, wild donkey and other large game. What are the reason’s why the Australian law prohibits hunters from hunting Kangaroo?

Why does the Australian government allow contractors to cull hundreds of thousands of kangaroo’s each year, letting the carcass of the kangaroo’s rot on the ground where hunters could be allowed into these same areas and harvest the meat in a ethical manner, obtaining the same result?

In this video Chris Waters (The Australian Huntsman) opens up the issue and discusses both sides of the topic. It doesn’t matter if you are pro Kangaroo hunting or a Kangaroo conservationist and activist, there is something to learn from in the video.

Be sure to join the conversation in the chat and share your thoughts on whether or not Australian hunters should be able to hunt and harvest Kangaroos. Remember to be polite, respectful and kind.

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