Blood is memory: EPIC 6X6 red stag deer hunt | S01 E10

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Blood is memory: Epic 6×6 red deer stag hunt
S01 E10 (Season finale) | The Australian Huntsman

Every heartbeat, every drop of blood carries the torch of memory, illuminating the hunter’s path. The red dirt and red stags of Nyora, Australia continue to call me back. With my friends KC and Brad from Havago Safaris at my side I intend to answer that call. I’m hungry for the red stag’s crown, but falling the king won’t be easy. Only blood and memory will tell.

Tune into the epic season finale of The Australian Huntsman Season one as Chris Waters chases after an epic 6X6 red stag. The episode features mysterious dead animals, donkeys, goats, water buffalo and red deer a plenty. It is Australian deer hunting at it’s finest.

The Australian Huntsman – Season 1 – Hunting Australia:


00:00 – Blood is memory
00:58 – Visions of a monster
01:52 – Something dead?
03:13 – Murphey’s law
03:58 – The smell of goats
04:39 – First signs of the red stag
06:10 – Water buffalo ruin the hunt
07:53 – New plan, new approach
09:35 – The shot, the kill, the work
13:43 – Red stag marinated venison steak recipe
16:23 – Season one recap


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