The Huntsman Season 1, sponsored by Beretta Australia

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Looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the wilds of Australia? Look no further than Season One of The Australian Huntsman, presented by Beretta Australia!

Join Chris Waters and his friends as they embark on a thrilling journey across the country in search of Australia’s most delicious, challenging and dangerous game. From the rugged hills and mountains of New South Wales to the remote desert reaches of the Northern Territory, The Australian Huntsman Season Ones takes you on a thrilling journey into the heart of the Aussie wilderness and Australian hunting.

Watch as Chris tackles everything from wild goats, ducks and sambar deer. With epic locations and pulse-pounding action, The Australian Huntsman is a must-see for any hunting enthusiast or adventure seeker. So come along for the ride, and experience the rush of the hunt like never before! 

Season 1 sponsors

Season one information

Number of episodes: 10
Episode length: 15 minutes (avg)
Year: 2023
Produced by: Amelpa Productions
Directed by: Chris Waters
Premier Sponsor: Beretta Australia
Additional Sponsors: Eagleye Hunting Gear, Australian Hunters Club & Hunting Trips Australia
Guests: Dwayne Taylor (Ep 2 & 3), Pete Christian (Ep 3), Dodge Kier (Ep 4), Jordi Ellingham (Ep 4 & 5), Alex Sehring (Ep 5), Troy (Ep 6), Tom Blackwell (Ep 7) Jecerey Miranda (Ep 7), Brad & Lynda Johnson (Ep 9 & 10) & Kahlan Commerford (Ep 9 & 10)