Mother Nature’s Gambit: Sambar Deer Hunt Australia | S01 E08

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Mother Nature’s Gambit: Sambar Deer Hunt Australia
S01 E07 | The Australian Huntsman

In this episode of The Australian Huntsman Chris is taking out first time hunter Jecerey on a Victorian sambar deer hunt. There is plenty of fresh sambar sign, but these elusive deer are masters of blending into the bush. If you love Australian deer hunting, you’re sure to enjoy this sambar hunt.

The Australian Huntsman – Season 1 – Hunting Australia:


00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Early morning fog
01:32 – Don’t step on sticks!
02:16 – Fresh sambar scat/poo
03:31 – First sambar sighting
04:38 – The sound of a sambar’s sneaking retreat
06:37 – Traversing gullies
07:46 – Trying a new sambar caller – H2K Callers @h2khuntingcalls
08:41 – Final sambar encounter
09:47 – The beauty in the struggle
12:19 – Mother nature is a tease


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