The Huntsman Season 2, sponsored by Beretta Australia

The Huntsman Season 2

Embark on a thrilling expedition with Australian hunter Chris Waters and his companions as they delve into the heart of the Australian wilderness in Season 2 of The Huntsman. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative that not only showcases the adrenaline-fueled pursuit of majestic game species but also highlights the essence of responsible hunting.

Against the backdrop of breathtaking and unique Australian landscapes, this season unfolds a compelling story that underscores the profound connection between hunters, the environment, and the raw emotions that drive them.

Season 2 of The Huntsman stands as a testament to the commitment to both the thrill of the hunt and the principles of environmental conservation, making it a truly exhilarating and socially conscious television experience.

Season 2 Sponsors

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Season Information

Number of episodes: 10
Episode length: 24 minutes
Year: 2024
Status: In production
Broadcast history: Foxtel Australia, via the Aurora channel (Feb – Nov 2024), The Huntsman YouTube channel (Feb 2024 – ongoing)
Produced by: Amelpa Productions 
Directed by: Chris Waters
Premier Sponsor: Beretta Australia
Additional Sponsors: Eagleye Hunting Gear, Ridgeline Australia, Lowa, Tassie Tiger Knives, Twin Needle, My Slice Of Life, Evolution Gear, Australian Hunters Club & Hunting Trips Australia.
Media contact: Amelpa Productions

Sponsor Information

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