PUBLIC and PRIVATE land hunting in Australia

Many of you have voiced your concerns about the amount of private land hunting you’ve seen me doing recently in Season 2 of The Huntsman.

Given my almost exclusive background in public land hunting I think the assumption people have at the moment is that I’ve changed, and now all I’m doing is private land hunting???

The good news is that I’ve hitting the public state forests more then ever in between filming episodes for the show… You’re just not been seeing these hunts in my videos.

Why? Well this is because I’ve set aside this time just for me. It’s my personal hunting time, something sacred I can retreat into without the pressure of ‘producing’ something. Just me, my rifle and the wild places and animals. Nothing else.

This is how I’ve been protecting my love of hunting, whilst still getting out there and producing quality hunting content.

The good news is that there is plenty of public land hunting coming up in the second half of Season 2. So I hope that those of you who enjoy public land hunting (like me) get something out of it.

Given peoples concerns I have been thinking about the topic quite a lot. And in true The Huntsman style I’ve recorded a video tackling this prickly topic.

Is one better then the other? Is private land hunting even hunting???? What about ‘high fence’ hunting? Tune in to hear my thoughts.

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