About Chris Waters

Chris Waters Bio

Born beneath the vast Australian sky, Chris lives a life of adventure and creativity, embedded in community.

Chris spent much of his childhood and young adult years immersed in the ocean. Spearfishing, swimming, surfing, and skiing were central to his early life, connecting him deeply to nature. But in his mid-20s, he and his young family made a significant move: they left the coast for a new home and property inland. This “tree change” marked a turning point. With the ocean now a two-hour drive away, Chris had to find new ways to connect with nature and procure food. Spearfishing, once his primary source of adventure and sustenance, was no longer easily accessible. This inland shift presented a challenge, but it also sparked Chris’s determination to maintain his balanced lifestyle through alternative avenues.

In his younger years Chris had gone on the occasional rabbit hunt and spotlighting trip and after researching hunting in Australia he was surprised to discover the synergy that existed between his love of the ocean (particularly spearfishing) and the kind of experience hunting in Australia could offer. Chris quickly embarked on a path of learning and mentorship, honing his skills under the guidance of experienced hunters and embracing the ethical principles that would become the cornerstone of his philosophy.

As Chris’s expertise grew, so did his desire to share his passion. He’s carved a niche in the Australian digital landscape, weaving tales of his hunting adventures via social media. His authenticity, engaging personality, coupled with his genuine love for the outdoors and unwavering commitment to responsible practices, started to garner a loyal following.

This online success blossomed into “The Huntsman,” a YouTube channel and later TV series that serves as a vibrant hub for fellow hunters. With a creative background in marketing and design, Chris has always been a captivating storyteller. The Huntsman show provided him with the opportunity to leverage these skills, taking viewers on breathtaking hunting journeys across Australia’s diverse landscapes, from the rugged outback to the lush rainforests. Through the show Chris continues to demonstrate the thrill of the hunt and the value of procuring wild food while emphasizing the importance of ethical harvesting and sustainability, inspiring a new generation of responsible hunters. As the show has grew so too did Chris’ creative team leading to the development of Amelpa Productions, the leading production company behind The Huntsman TV series and other outdoor projects.

But Chris’ ambition didn’t stop at captivating viewers through the screen. He envisioned a platform where passion and a desire to learn translates into experience and learning, which led him to create Hunting Trips Australia. This curated website connects hunters with seasoned guides, hunting educators and hunting property owners, offering bespoke adventures tailored to every skill level and desire. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of chasing Sambar deer in Victoria’s high country or the challenge of goat hunting in the rocky ranges of New South Wales, Hunting Trips Australia provides access to unforgettable experiences that immerse clients in the Australian wilderness. HuntingTrips.com.au is the largest Australian online hunting directory and connecting thousands of eager hunters with hunting experiences every year.

With pathways to learning and experience established, driven by a desire to help foster relationships, Chris moved his focus to the development of the Australian Hunters Club. This organization has become a haven for like-minded individuals who share Chris’ values of responsible hunting, wild food procurement, respect for nature, and camaraderie. Through regular events, and networking opportunities across Australia, the club fosters a sense of belonging and provides a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and the unwavering spirit of the hunt.

This nationwide network breaks down borders, connecting passionate hunters from every corner of the country. Seasoned veterans or a weekend warriors, the club welcomes everyone, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and camaraderie.

Forget dusty meeting halls, political club bickering and restrictive rules. This club thrives on a disruptive club model that empowers members to take control of their own hunting journey using tools like the ‘host a hunt’ and ‘host an event’ programs or the member’s directory to connect with other members and to form their own organic micro-communities. It’s a club that rewards eager members who apply themselves and take risks with relationships, without toxic hierarchy leadership structures or subcommittees slowing everything and everyone down.

It’s not just about connects too. The Australian Hunters Club arguably provides it’s members the greatest value then any other club in form of epic giveaways. Every month, they raffle off one, sometimes two, professionally guided hunting experiences, turning dreams into reality. And the value doesn’t stop there; hundreds of dollars worth of top-notch hunting gear is also given away each month, ensuring members are well-equipped for their next hunt.

Ultimately, The Australian Hunters Club is a testament to Chris’s belief in the power of community, value and out of the box thinking. It’s a community of shared passion, a springboard for local connections, an opportunity to experience new things and a platform for celebrating the wild places together.

Today, Chris Waters stands as a multifaceted figure in the Australian hunting scene. He’s a captivating storyteller, a important figure in the Australian hunting industry, a skilled hunter, a visionary entrepreneur, and a dedicated leader. He continues to positively shape the Australian hunting culture, community and industry growing it and pushing it forward where others have failed. He’s woven a tapestry of passion, expertise, and responsibility, demonstrating that the hunt can be a path to adventure, belonging and environmental stewardship. Through his various roles, Chris continues to inspire, educate, and connect, ensuring that the future of Australian hunting is etched with the same respect and reverence for the wild that he embodies.

Chris Waters’ tale is not just about the thrill of the chase; it’s about the profound connection with nature, the dedication to ethical practices, and the fostering of a vibrant community that thrives on shared passion and respect. It’s a story that continues to unfold, with every hunt, every adventure, and every interaction adding another thread to the rich tapestry of his life.