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Introducing The Huntsman

Chris Waters

Chris Waters is an Australian hunting personality, host of The Huntsman, creator of Hunting Trips Australia, and the president of the Australian Hunters Club.

As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Chris is passionate about promoting positive Australian hunting culture and believes that responsible hunting is an important way to manage wildlife populations, manage mental health and physical wellness as well as form positive communities and build important life skills.

Through his various projects and initiatives, Chris aims to educate the public about the benefits of hunting and to inspire a new generation of responsible hunters. 

Chris also plays a key role in assisting the formation of authentic and positive hunting communities across Australia through the Australian Hunters Club.

As the president of The Australian Hunters Club, Chris has worked to create a supportive network of like-minded hunters who share his passion for responsible and sustainable hunting. The club not only provides a platform for hunters to connect, share their experiences, and learn from each other but also value far above most hunting clubs. Through the Australian Hunters Club members can go in the draw to win monthly professional hunting experiences and hunting gear as well as gain access to discounts from Australia’s largest hunting brands.

In addition, Chris has also created Hunting Trips Australia, a website that connects hunters across the world with reputable Australian outfitters and guides for free. All in an effort to promote and support the Australian hunting industry and promote learning and growth.

Latest Podcast Episode​

Australian Hunting conversations at their finest. Deep, authentic and engaging conversations with interesting (not necessarily famous) hunters: hunting stories, ethics, values, tips and knowledge sharing. Hosted by Chris Waters this is a podcast that bypasses the small talk and chit chat and cuts straight to real, meaningful and impact conversations about the hunting.

The Huntsman is proud to recommend the Australian Hunters Club. Founded by Chris Waters the club draws on the same positivity and love for hunting seen in The Huntsman, establishing these values into a community of like minded hunters. 

The Australian Hunters Club is a great way to connect with other Aussie hunters, get your genuine reason to own a firearm, as well as gain MASSIVE benefits like hunting product discounts, monthly hunting product giveaways, professional hunting experience giveaways and course discounts.

Benefits aside, ultimately people join the club because, like Chris, they share a passion and enthusiasm for hunting in Australia and want to connect with like minded people to share life together.

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