A hunt against the wind: Fallow deer hunt, Tasmania Australia | S01 E07

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A hunt against the wind: Tasmanian fallow deer hunt Australia
S01 E08 | The Australian Huntsman

A wise proverb cautions the hunter “Let the wind be your guide, where deer’s fate resides.” That is to say, if you’re fighting against the wind on a hunt, you’ve already lost. A deer that can smell you a deer that you will never see. On this blustery hunt and episode, Chris has teamed up with friends and local Tasmanian hunters Colm from Electric Off-Road Bikes and Tom from Hunting Tasmania as they face the wind and the rain in the hope of harvesting black fallow deer, specifically does. The bikes are mounted on the trucks, the mornings are cold, and the wind is issuing its challenge. Will they be able to turn the wind in our favor? How close can they get to the deer?

The Australian Huntsman – Season 1 – Hunting Australia: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwY-MKJlALMD1RoSPW5SZtkRc0iGiTmo2


00:00 – Intro
01:09 – A deer’s sense of smell
01:52 – First shot on a fallow
03:55 – Best fallow deer skinning method
04:30 – The Hyperpod II – Smart Rest
07:37 – Outdoor fire cooking tip
07:57 – Getting close to wombats and their poo
09:26 – Sneaking up on two BIG fallow bucks
11:09 – Early morning stalk and shot
13:30 – A spiker to close off the hunt
14:22 – Reflections on hunting with the wind


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