24 hours remote and alone in Australia | bush detox – part 1

Video description:

It’s winter time which usually means two things… Number one, it gets cold here in Victoria and number two a lot of people get cranky haha. Personally I have caught myself a times over the last few weeks entertaining some less then positive thoughts, snapping on the occasion or two. So, the plan is to head into the bush for a bit of a wilderness mental heath and body detox.

This is the first of a two part video that documents my 24 bush detox experience. First disclosure, this video doesn’t contain any hunting, but that doesn’t make it a bad video haha. Second disclosure, this video contains a lot of my philosophical musings. The goal for this trip was to strip everything down to the basics and see what thoughts bubble to the furnace. So be warned some strange stuff comes up haha.

You can check out part 2 here – https://youtu.be/wgGk4kRJcvk

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