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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with the Javalot Pro 2 Review hunting torch from Olight and I’ve got some thoughts I wanted to share!

If you are looking for a hunting torch that you can mount on top of your rifle or shotgun for hunting in the night then this 2,500 lumen torch might be one to check out. For more information check out this Javalot Pro 2 Review.

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Here are some stats on the Olight Javelot Pro 2 Hunting Torch taken from there website.

✦ The intense beam and ultra-long throw make the Javelot Pro 2 a perfect long-distance flashlight for hunting, search and rescue, or property perimeter checks! Gear up and get outside with this elite upgrade!

✦ Mind-blowing performance: Max 2,500 lumens with an extreme 1050-meter beam distance

✦ Multiple applications: The perfect body diameter allowing you to comfortable use handheld or mount on your long-range rifle with the optional dual-stage remote switch

✦ Battery pack: Supersized battery with a consecutive 12-day runtime

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