#3 – Steve Lee – I (still) like guns | Australia’s biggest firearm legal battle!

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In this episode of the Australian Hunters Podcast Chris Waters The Australian Huntsman speaks to Steve Lee, Australian Country music artist and host of the famous (some say infamous)  Australian shooting and hunting YouTube channel ‘I Like Guns’.

This is Steve’s first media appearance since he lost his firearms licenses and permits (and over 100 guns) 10 years ago, in what became known as Australia’s biggest firearms legal case.

In this conversation Steve and I go over genesis of the I Like Guns YouTube channel and it’s rapid success, as well the legal case Steve Lee VS NSW Police department, that has only in the last 4 weeks reached it’s ultimate conclusion with the return of Steve’s permits and firearms (that’s a over 10 years). We also talk about some of Steve’s amazing hunting adventures, notably his British Columbia Moose and Bear hunt which you can watch on the I Like Guns YouTube channel (linked below)

You may or may not have a strong option on Steve’s history or how compliment he was in the legal matters arising from that case, but what I ask of you is this as you listen to this podcast episode. Keep an open mind and see Steve for what he is, a man, a person of value. Someone who has lived through a life and context that we can only begin to understand, a person who loves life, relationships and people.

It’s ok to have strong options on matters of law, in fact when laws are ethical we should champion and enforce them as a society. But don’t make the mistake of being blinded by these options and miss out on the gold that lives within each of us, if we only dare look.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Steve Lee as much as I did and can take away some knowledge, wisdom and learning’s.


00:00 – Introduction
02: 41 – Do you still like guns?
06:00 – Is there a type of firearm you like the most?
07:33 – The background behind the creation of the I Like Guns YouTube channel
13:36 – The legal battle – Steve Lee VS NSW Police
26:14 – Do people prematurely judge you?
30:46 – Pushing the boundaries and doing dangerous things.
34:00 – Infamous ’45 Calibre Birthday Party’ video.
41:44 – Should people who commit crimes or driving offences be able to get their gun license?
54:37 – Involvement with Living With the Enemy (2014) –  SBS Series
01:06:10 – Hunting,  British Columbia Moose and Bear trip
01:20:46 – Chris’ South Australia Buck Hunt with Paul Convery
01:27:02 – People are valuable. Don’t judge people
01:29:10 – Wrap up

Links mentioned in this video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6COZLCF-kpU (British Columbia bear hunt)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL6VsZQU88A&t=685s (British Columbia moose hunt)
https://youtu.be/j3w15SMupoo (The Huntsman SA Fallow Buck Hunt)

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