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Video description:

After spending some time scouting the Otways a few weeks ago someone from our hunting community reached out and invited me to hunt some fallow deer on their private property in the Otways. So, of course I pick one of the hottest days of the year to go out and hunt the fallow deer.

Join me on this fun little adventure as I hunt fallow deer in the Otways on private land. If you like Australian hunting videos, learning about fallow deer, hunting in Victoria or just love following along a good adventure tune into this video.


00:33 – Introduction.
02:19 – Arrival at hunting spot.
03:00 – Spooked fallow deer.
03:37 – Deeper into the bush & deer calling.
05:31 – Sighting of deer and shot {WARNING, GRAPHIC).
06:31 – Gerber Exo knives & field dressing {WARNING, GRAPHIC).
08:01 – Back to the car, walking through the shot.
09:44 – Reflections on hunting success misunderstandings & bad hunting culture.
12:11 – Getting the deer into the car.
12:44 – Initial thoughts on Gerber Exo knives performance
14:01 – Wrap up

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