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The Australian hunting community is full of amazing, passionate, wise and encouraging hunters who love getting alongside other hunters, to share and grow together. Unfortunately within the Australian hunting community there is also a small group of hunters whose negativity and closemindedness not only negatively impacts the health of the community and how we are seen by the public, but inhibits their own growth.

In this video I want to explore some of the negative behaviour within the Australian hunting community and culture and propose set of behaviours that will promote growth and prosperity. If we want a strong and healthily culture with expansive hunting oppertinues and the respect of our countries government and public it’s important that we encourage one another, remain positive, and get along side each other. Negativity and shaming will only seek to sow division amongst us and damage the lifestyle we love.

Love, encourage, share and grow. This is a HUGE part of hunting.


Intro: 00:00
The content: 01:01
An example: 03:24
The truth: 05:24
The greenhorn illusion: 08:22
The solution & takeaways: 09:37
My position towards negative hunters: 10:13
Wrap up: 11:00

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