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Alright everyone, this is going to be a controversial topic and video so strap in! Are foxes pests? Are humans pests? Who is the bigger pest? If an animal isn’t acting like a pest to you can you treat it like a pest? Is it helpful to view an animal as a pest if it’s own acting on it’s natural impulses and it just so happens that their natural behaviour doesn’t align with your model of the world.? Is it helpful to classify animals as introduced species? Finally, how long can you consider an animal as ‘introduced’ before they become native? Can an animal ever become native? All good questions worth exploring!

Foxes, rabbits, pigs, wild goats, even kangaroos! Are these animals pests? In the video I take a step back from the conventual political position on what classifies an animal like a fox or rabbit as being a ‘pest animal’ in Australia and try to answer some of these questions.

My goal is not to remove the title, it has a place. It’s just to reframe the way you might think about these animals and how we interact with them.

As always I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on the topic. Be sure to share your thought on the term pest and the way we treat these animals below. who knows, maybe we can come up with a better classification.

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