Australian Deer Life Cycles | Sambar, Red, Rusa, Chital & Hog Deer

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We have some amazing species of deer in Australia, each with their own unique life cycle. If you’re an avid Australian deer hunter and want to learn more about each deer species life cycle & how you can leverage this information to become a more successful deer hunter check out the video.

This video will address and answer the following questions which are time stamped.

Intro: 01:17
When are Australian deer born? 01:17
What happens in the first year of a deer’s life? 02:49
When do Australian deer join the herd? 03:25
Which deer are solitary in nature? 04:06
What is a deer bachelor herd? 04:23
What kind of behaviour can you expect from a mature stag? 05:40
What does it mean when a deer is in velvet? 06:16
What is a deer rub? 06:59
When do stags cast/drop their antlers? 09:36
When do Rusa deer cast their antlers? 09:48
When do Sambar deer cast their antlers? 9:51
When do Fallow deer cast their antlers? 10:53
When do Red deer cast their antlers? 11:06
When do Chital deer cast their antlers? 11:10
When do Hog deer cast their antlers? 11:31
What is the rut/the roar? 11:36
When do deer breed?
When do deer Red deer rut/breed? 14:01
When do deer Chital deer rut/breed? 14:10
When do deer Rusa deer rut/breed? 14:19
When do deer Hog deer rut/breed? 14:57
When do deer Sambar deer rut/breed? 15:02
When do deer Fallow deer rut/breed? 15:11
What is the life expectancy of a wild deer and what are main the causes of death? 15:25
Wrap up: 15:44

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Big thank you to the talented content creators whose footage helped pull this video together. Below you can find the video titles & links.

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Rusa stag roaring – Stack Images (Zac Mckenzie) –
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