Australian Deer Stag Calls | Sambar, Red, Fallow, Hog, Chital & Rusa | Croaks, Honks, Barks & Roars!

Video description:

During their respective breeding periods (or ruts) different species of Australian stags and bucks become more vocal to different degrees. Each species of Australian stags (Sambar, Red, Fallow, Hog, Chital & Rusa) have a unique mating call which ranges from a high pitched ‘Meoowww” (Hog deer) to a deep throated Roar (Red Stags and Rusa). Strangest of them all is the Sambar stag thank honks like nothing you’ve ever heard.

Learning the different Australian deer calls can not only help you identify the different species of deer, but also hunt them more effectively. To this end I’ve put together a complication video that showcases each Stags unique call.

NOTE: Some of the footage shows sambar hinds and chital does making calls. This footage was used because for these species of deer the doe and stag calls are very similar (if not the same). This is also true for hog deer. For all other species of deer found in Australia this is not the case and stags will have their own unique call which the video demonstrates.


Sambar Stag Call – 00:26
Fallow Stag Call – 00:42
Chital Stag Call – 00:58
Red Stag Call – 01:51
Rusa Stag Call – 02:91
Hog Stag Call – 02:26
Wrap up – 02:41

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Big thank you to the talented content creators whose footage helped pull this video together. Below you can find the channel names, video titles & links. (credits listed in order of appearance)

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wierdijk | Vocal Fallow deer –

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