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To kick off the year my eldest son Eli and headed up to the fringe of the High Country in Victoria for our first deer hunt of the year. Joined by my friend Matty Wright we were on a mission to fill the freezer and hopefully score a buck or a stag. What resulted was a bloody, hot, sweat-soaked hunt I’ll remember forever.

If you love deer hunting, hunting in Australia, fallow deer and aren’t afraid of a little blood you’ll love this video.

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Introducing Matty and setting up camp
02:09 – Should you have to pay for Sambar deer when on a guided hunt?
03:55 – Glassing from the porch and deer movement
04:46 – Barbell Foods Biltong snacks – use code ‘TAH10’ to get 10% off
05:27 – The evening hunt
08:20 – The morning hunt
10:00 – Finding the deer & packing it out
12:23 – Enjoying our lunch! On Track Meals – get a discount via the Australian Hunters Club
13:52 – Reflections on this hunt, 2023 and 2024 to come!


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