Brutal full Sambar carry out! – The Hunt, Harvest and Heart – Victorian High Country Sambar hunting.

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Video description:

A few months ago I received call and and invitation from my mate Gordon from North East Experience to come out for a Sambar hunt with him up in the north east of Victoria at the top of the High Country. Gordon is a fantastic Sambar hunting guide with wisdom and knowledge to share, and so I would have been insane to pass up the opportunity.

During that call Gordon also mentioned that if I was keen there was a weekend coming up where two guys (Andrew and Grant from The Bald Chef) were running a deer harvest and cooking workshop on his property, and they were going to need a Sambar to be used for the butchering and cooking demonstrations. So it the perfect opportunity to sneak in a great hunt, make some new friends with shared passions as well as help and group of enthusiastic and hungry people learn how to cook wild game, feeding them beautiful clean, organic meat that I would provide in the process.
So of course I said yes.

If you live High Country hunting videos, Sambar hunting videos then this one is right up your alley!


Introduction: 00:33
Travel up to the Victorian Alpine and camp set up: 01:39
Morning of the hunt, planning and preparations: 02:26
Blackberries and fresh sign: 03:48
Deer and Dogwood: 04:40
Contouring across the mountain face: 05:11
Deer spotted!: 06:59
Getting into a shooting position & the shot: 09:35
Summary of what went down with the shot: 12:48
Carry out a sambar deer whole: 14:28
Cooking and eating the sambar heart with my son: 15:23


Australian Hunters Club

North East Experience – Guided Hunts and Hunting Courses

The Bald Chef – Game Meat Harvesting and Cooking Workshops

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