Cold, wet, exciting deer scouting and hunting in Victoria | Hunting Australia

Video description:

After a couple weeks on vacation it’s time to get back out into the beautiful Australian bush, scouting out some new fallow deer territory.

I’m never one to stay too long in a single location, with the idea that it’s good to give animals a rest and not over pressure spots. In this video I head out to a location in central Victoria where I’ve heard whispers of hunters talking about deer sightings.

As with every scouting mission the goal is not to get an animal, but to scout the location, get a feel for the spot and figure out if it’s worth going back for a more strategic hunt.

It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be wet, and sure as hell it’s going to be fun!

If you love deer hunting in Victoria or deer hunting in general I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video!


Set up: 00:17
Getting started: 00:31
Strange markings: 02:42
First deer sign: 03:09
It’s really quite, too quite: 03:41
Why go back to a spot? 04:41
Way too much water: 05:46
What does a game trail look like? 08:21
Starting the crawl: 10:03
Bumping a deer: 11:29
That’s just how it goes: 12:22
Getting wet on the walk back: 13:57

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