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Over the last couple of months I’ve been using the EORB Frey Hunter Ebike, the first hunting ebike to hit the Australia’ market. The following video is a Frey Hunter E bike review which covers the bikes build quality, specifications, performance, best case use scenario and accessories. If you want to open up your hunting experience e-bikes are a fantastic way to do it. Cover more ground, see more animals and have more fun. If you have any questions about the Frey Hunter e-bike or my experience with EORB feel free to ask them below and if I can answer them I will.


Introduction: 00:39
Benefits of using an e-bike when hunting: 01:27
Specifications: 02:34
Build quality: 03:22
Additional features & using the screen: 04:38
Performance: 05:09
Best case use scenario: 06:08
Accessories: 07:48
Feedback: 09:44
Get 10% off EORB bikes: 11:52

I also want to extend a big thank you to Colm from EORB who has been fantastic to work with. Colm went above and beyond in answering my questions and equipping me with accessories to improve my experience. It didn’t matter what time of day it was Colm was always a phone call away. The good news is that I’m not alone in this experience, I’ve head other customers share the same feedback.

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