Crazy ATV Australian Safari | Deer, Buffalo, Pigs, Goats and POACHERS??? Hunting Australia

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Crazy Australian Safari | Deer, Buffalo, Pigs, Goats and POACHERS??? Hunting Australia

I just got back from South East Queensland having the most incredible deer, goat, pig and buffalo Australian Safari with HaveAGo. During this Queensland hunt I came face to face with the most amazing animals flying around in an ATV buggy and having a crazy encounters with some red deer, standing only meters away from me.

While I was up in Queensland I also met with @Liquid Antler which was awesome. He’s a great bloke, be sure to check out his stuff and show your support.

It was an amazing hunt, but it wasn’t without it’s hurdles. While hunting pigs on the property we heard a gun shot that sounded like it was coming from within the property. The issue was that we were the only people hunting on the property. This could only mean one thing, poachers.

To find out what happened during this crazy Queensland Australian Safari tune in.


00:00 – Introduction
01:24 – Morning of the hunt
02:02 – Checking out the deer trap
02:33 – Hunting wild goats
03:55 – Locating an eagles nest
04:25 – Hunting pigs
05:35 – Poachers
08:17 – Close encounter with red deer herd
09:43 – Water buffalo encounter
10:21 – Wrap up


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