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Kill pride before it kills you!

Recently my mate Ben and I made the trip to South Australia to meet up with my friend and mentor (true Australian hunting icon) Paul Convery, for a fallow buck hunt in Water Valley.

This hunt was truly a life changing experience, teaching me the importance of sitting under and submitting to the wisdom and knowledge of experienced hunters who know better then I.

Paul is a legend in the Australian hunting scene. He was also one of the driving forces behind the formation of the ADA branch in South Australia and he also started the first deer breeding programs in South Australia. He holds the South Pacific Grand Slam title not once, but twice! He’s also one animal off completed the African Big Five.

But make no mistake, Paul has the highest of standards and isn’t afraid to call you on your ignorance or aggressively (and constructivly) criticise you for your lack of skill. In fact before the hunt he made it clear to me that anything short of me executing the PERFECT clean and humane kill shot would incur his wrath (trust me, you don’t want that). He simply cares too much about these animals to allow anything less. I’d by lying if I said that while I lay in bed that first night before the hunt that I wasn’t nervous and anxious about what the weekends hunt would bring…  it turns out it would be a hunt to remember, a baptism by fire!

If you like deer hunting in Victoria, hunting fallow bucks or stags or are interested in learning more about Australian safari adventures you’ll love this video.


Introduction: 00:30
Crossing the border into South Australia: 00:58
Meeting the legend and feeling the pressure: 01:31
The morning of the hunt: 02:42
The spot and stalk approach: 03:01
The stalk, the kill: 05:09
Thoughts immediately after the shot: 06:31
Checking the kill: 07:02
Reflections & struggles with hubris: 08:08
Do you want to hunt with Paul?: 09:39
Wrap up: 10:10




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