Deer Call | How to call Sambar, Red, Chital and Hog deer.

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In this video Chris Waters (The Australian Huntsman) walks through one of his favourite deer calls the ‘Flexmark Sambar Call”, how it works, as well as some non conventual ways you can use deer calls to mask your identity and get closer to deer for that perfect shot.

If you want to learn more about calling deer then you should check out this video.

Unlike electric deer callers, the Flexmark requires manual manipulation and use of your mouth, which ultimately produces a more organic sound.

Here’s some information about the Flexmark from their website.

The Sambar call is made to mimic one of the general communication sounds made by all Sambar & Rusa deer, Male, Female both young & old. Reports are they also work on Fallow deer & may work on Chital and Hog deer but still need confirmation The Calls are small and easy to use. Directions for use Place the black biting band in your mouth between your upper and lower teeth. 1) Bite down on the black biting band about midway back on the band (this closes the opening of the call). 2) Blow into the call while simultaneously relieving the pressure on your bite until you can get the mew sound of the sambar deer 3) Varying the pitch somewhat is sometimes possible by biting down on various positions of the call as you blow. 4) Every call will have a “sweet spot” where it feels and sounds the best. Experiment biting a little further back on the band for varied pitch and tones. 5) This won’t take long to get right and will create very authentic sambar deer sounds. 6) Avoid storing or leaving call in direct sunlight for extended periods of time because it may damage the call 7) Please follow us & tag us in your photos! Hand made by Flexmark.

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