Deer hunting, tree change & convincing your partner | Australian Hunting Podcast #250

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Recently I caught up with Jason Selmes on his show the Australian Hunting Podcast for a chat. We shared some of our favourite Australian hunting stories, talked the challenges of making the tree change, as well as some tips on how you can convince your partner that hunting is a good hobby and lifestyle choice.

If you like Australian hunting videos, enjoy a good chat about hunting, or love sharing hunting stories then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video.

Time stamps:

00:00:00 Intro.
00:00:49 Podcast starts & introduction to Chris Waters.
00:03:43 Activities over COVID.
00:10:14 The difficulties of making the tree change.
00:14:44 How Chris got into hunting.
00:19:56 How to convince your partner that hunting is a good thing.
00:24:51 What Chris’ parents think of hunting.
00:26:52 How hunters are changing
00:32:02 Hunting Sambar in the High Country & hunting stories.
00:40:20 Hunting Trips Australia (
00:49:19 The Huntsman YouTube channel
01:05:41 Hunting Videos
01:07:28 Wrap up
01:08:37 Massive 48 Fallow mob hunting story

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