Diving for Australian eels! Hunter goes river fishing.

Video description:

So for the first time on this channel I’ll be hunting an aquatic animal! Eels! In this video I ‘ll be taking you on an adventure into my favourite, (and my kids favourite) swimming location and river in an attempt to find some Australian eels! This is will be my first time shooting underwater or featuring anything aquatic on this channel so if you enjoy it be sure to comment below.

Also unlike other videos I won’t be narrating this hunt. Diving and swimming (much like hunting) is a very therapeutic process and I didn’t want to bog you guys down with a load of jibber jabber. Instead I felt like I should let the footage speak for itself.

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Also if you’re keen to learn more about Eels here’s some info. The short-finned eel (Anguilla australis), also known as the shortfin eel, is one of the 15 species of eel in the family Anguillidae. It is native to the lakes, dams and coastal rivers of south-eastern Australia, New Zealand. In Australia, they are restricted to the area on the seaward side of the Great Dividing Range, from about Mount Gambier in the south-eastern corner of South Australia, through Victoria, Tasmania, the Bass Strait islands and up the eastern seaboard to the Richmond River in northern New South Wales. Unable to scale the Great Divide, and not extending as far west as the outlet of the Murray River, they are excluded from the thousands of miles of waterways that drain inland eastern Australia. A. Australis is the most widely distributed longitudinally of the Anguillid eels where its larvae can be found just south of Fiji to the North-west of Australia in the SEC region (14.5–21°S, 154–179.5°E)[4] (For a comparison with northern hemisphere eels, in particular the European eel, see eel life history.) The larvae drift on the ocean currents and eventually reach coastal waters, where they metamorphose into elvers (tiny, semi-transparent eels). From there, they migrate upstream, traversing numerous obstacles — if necessary, leaving the water and travelling short distances over moist ground. They are well fitted to this task, being able to absorb 50% of the oxygen they need through the skin. Eventually, they take up residence in a lake, swamp, dam or river, typically occupying a home range of about 400 m in length, where they remain until they reach maturity at about 14 years for males and 18 to 24 years for females.

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