Dodge Keir: Truth, lies, faith & silence in hunting | The Australian Huntsman Podcast #2

Video description:

In this episode of the Australian Hunters Podcast Chris Waters The Australian Huntsman speaks to Dodge Kier Australian hunter, hunting podcaster, international hunting booking agent and man of faith.

In this conversation we talk about what role truth has to play in the hunting community. Is it ok to lie or exaggerate the success of a hunt, the size of the trophy, the experience and story itself? Are white lies harmless if they help you connect with other hunters? We also discuss Dodges faith and how this interacts with his hunting worldview and lifestyle. Is it ok to enjoy killing an animal? (you might be surprised by Dodges answer). Finally we talk about silence in hunting, and how it brings out the best and worst in us.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dodge Keir as much as I did and can take away some knowledge, wisdom and learning’s.


00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – How important is telling the truth when it comes to hunting?
03:11 – Why do hunters hate when other hunters lie?
06:23 – Is it ok to embellish/exaggerate your hunting stories?
07:38 – I lied recently about my hunting journey
16:30 – Are all lies equal?
21:21 – Why do new hunters lie? Is it to fit in?
30:22 – AI generated (FAKE) hunting images and among us!
36:18 – Has Dodge Keir lied about a hunt?
46:19 – Dodge was a hater, now he’s a member of the Australian Hunters Club.
50:48 – Not all guided hunts are equal
57:20 – Are Christianity and Hunting in opposition to each other, or complementary?
01:06:20 – The beauty in languishing control.
01:09:08 – All hunters are deep thinkers (whether we express that or not)
01:12:01 – Seeing God in nature.
01:17:30 – Hunting alone is either amazing or incredibly dangerous!
01:22:30 – Is it ok to kill animals?
01:29:00 – Dodge enjoys killing animals, and that’s ok.
01:22:30 – Is bio diversity the goal?
01:36:40 – Why is killing animals so satisfying?
01:39:38 – You can harvest more from a hunt then just the animal…

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– Chris Waters, The Australian Huntsman

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