Duck Hunting Victoria | Feathers and Shells!

Video description:

Good news for all your Victorian duck hunters! Episode 6 of the Australian Huntsman Season 1 is due to drop on Thursday 1st of June, 7:00pm AEST.

The episode showcases an action packed Victorian duck hunt that’s sure to entertain many, as well as ruffle a few anti duck hunting feathers. The video also features a brilliant guest, Troy from @honkerhunters who I’ve been a fan of for a while now.

As many of you know I’m not afraid of tackling or discussing difficult topics. Duck hunting in Australia fits firmly into that space. While I’ll never apologise for this boldness and the championing of our hunting values, culture and lifestyle, this doesn’t mean that I’m not sensitive to how this boldness is perceived.

This video took over 50 hours to edit, not because there was a lot of footage, or because the story was complicated. The video took this long to edit because I wanted to make sure that it showcases our culture and the values which motivate us to hunt in the best light. That others couldn’t find fault in the hunt itself, being conducted to the letter of the law.

During the editing process I consulted with duck hunting and legal experts, working through a large number of drafts and redrafts until we came up with something that we believed left no confusion as to whether what happened was legal or ethical. After all this work I’m confident in what I’ve produced and proud of the end result. Regardless, I’m sure people on both sides will find fault with the video and that’s fine. I know that I’ve done everything I can to be honest and authentic. At the that’s all I can do.

I hope you can find something of value in the video when it goes live next week. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for a cheeky preview. So watch this space.

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