Exploring the Otways in search of deer | No kill, but worth it!

Video description:

DISCLAIMER – there is no kill shot or footage of game animals in this video, and that doesn’t make it a bad hunting video. The reality is that most hunts in new locations rarely result in a takedown. Usually it’s a lot of hard work covering country, following game trails, finding sign and riding the highs and lows of the balance between expectations and heightened emotions. Hunting isn’t supposed to be easy and to only release hunting videos that feature kills and animals sightings would not only be irresponsible on my behalf, but it would also be misrepresenting the common hunting experience of many Australia hunters. For this reason I’ll continue to release videos of productive hunts where I don’t harvest an animal. If that results in less people watching the videos I’m fine with that.


In this video I’m off on another Otways hunting adventure in search of new fallow deer hunting grounds. Not content to just hunt the same old spot this time I headed out to two completely new hunting areas I’d never been before. I choose these spots by using a combination of the Hunting Grounds app and More To Explore app to suss out ideal deer hunting locations. No one had given me these locations, and I hadn’t heard any rumours of deer. It was a long shot, but one I’m glad I took.

The video features sketchy river crossings, hunting trips, skat identification and perplexing animal sounds. I hope you enjoy it!

– Chris Waters

Time stamps

00:20 – Disclaimer
01:29 – Day 1
02:28 – Hunting discussion – Hunting is difficult & that’s a good thing.
05:06 – Hunting tip – remove wedding bands when hunting.
05:31 – My loadout
05:53 – Shout out and thanks to Dirk for his kangaroo hide ammo wallet gift!
06:31 – Following the game trail
08:44 – River crossing & tip
09:40 – Calling a fallow stag
10:41 – Day 2
11:17 – A strange noise in the bush – (comment below you know what it is)
11.58 – Strange insect shell – (comment below you know what it is)
12:46 – Another game trail & a good spot for a cam
14:33 – Lunch time
15:05 – Bloody wiggle sticks!
15:43 – Fox skat, fox skat and more fox skat!
16:03 – Finally deer sign!

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