Giveaway & Hunters BBQ Update!

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Just a quick video to give you all an update on two different things you might be interested in!

1. The giveaway to celebrate our community hitting over 2,000 subscribers on YT is still underway and will close on the 31st of February. To celebrate this milestone I’m giving away x5 12 month basic hunting club memberships with Hunting Trips Australia. All you have to do to enter is visit the link below, and enter your name and email address.

2. I’m excited to announce that there will now be door prizes up for grabs at our Aussie Hunters BBQ on April 30th, at Anakie Gorge in Victoria!

Everyone who attends automatically goes in the running to win.

Here’s what we’ll be giving away.

• X3 online R-License courses
• X2 High Country Hunting Gear Caps
• Blackfoot Blaze Camo Boonie Hat
• Blackfoot Bino Harness
• High Country Hunting Stickers, Stubby holders and cattle hat tags.
• High Country Hunting Gear Shirt

Please RSVP via the FB event link to secure your spot!

Come for a snag and some good company, maybe leave with some sweet hunting goodies?

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