Groundbreaking new dingo research revealed + more dingo attacks!

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Some new interesting research has just come to light that suggests that there are more “pure” Australian dingo’s out in the wild than we initially thought. If true, this research will have profound impacts on legislation that determines how we as hunters engage with these animals and wild dog hybrids.

While many of you understand this, I feel like it’s important that I state it emphatically. I love dingos. I think they are amazing animals and have a special place in the Australian bush. In fact, I think we need more large predators like the dingo in the wild places that are left in Australia.

To learn more about this new research watch the video.


00:15 – Introduction
01:08 – New Dingo research findings
03:59 – There are more “pure” dingos in our bush than we thought!
04:33 – The future of the wild dog bounty
06:11 – We will see an increase in dingo populations
08:09 – New dingo attacks at K’Gari (Fraser Island, Queensland)
09:30 – Dingo attacks since 1845
10:25 – Closing thoughts


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