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Video description:

Recently I was up in Queensland for the Queensland Hunters Expo as well as to catch up with a bunch of my Queensland hunting mates. Not one to waste an oppertinues the second I got off the plane I was picked up by my friend Phil Kolera (HSSA) @Hunters and Shooters Society of Australia who took me on a red deer hunt on some private property he had access to.

This video documents that hunt, trying to borrow a rifle from the owner of a gun shop, the stalk, the laughs, the hills and sitting by the dam in the hope that the red deer would chance an encounter.

If you love hunting in Australia, Hunting in Queensland, Red deer, or hunting deer in general this is a great video for you.

P.S For clarification, the law doesn’t permit you to borrow or rent a rifle from a gun shop in Australia. In this situation we had planned and organised for me to borrow the rifle from the owner of a gun shop, it was a rifle that he owned and that he was going to let me use (to save me transporting one of my rifles on the plane) The owner was not going to let me borrow a rifle that was being sold at the shop… Make sense?


00:38 – Arriving in Queensland
00:48 – Picking up the loan ridge from the gun shop.
01:35 – Arriving at the property and discussing the game plan
02:44 – The stalk
03:29 -Changing the game plan
06:21 – Deer tracks and reading sign
08:28 – Well… that didn’t work.
09:27 – The approach to the dam
10:45 – HaveAGo safari –
11:00 – Wrap up


In the video I mentioned another hunt I did while up in Queensland with HaveAGo Safaris. If you want to check out that action packed video you can do so here

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Phil and I are both fans only Blackfoot hunting clothing and by chance we were both wearing our Blackfoot gear on this hunt haha.

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