Harvesting, Meat, Animals & Properties | 99 most common Australian hunting questions answered

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Welcome to our video series covering the 99 most common questions Australian Hunters have. It doesn’t matter if you are new to hunting or a veteran of the lifestyle, everyone can learn something.

IN THIS VIDEO – Harvesting Animals, Meat Handling, Animals & Hunting Properties

Accessing hunting properties 00:19
Taking friends to properties 01:43
Respecting property rules 01:54
Meat with growths/spots 02:21
Carcass disposal 02:41
Stringing up an animal 02:54
Inedible parts of animals 03:12
Nicked gut bag 03:31
Best meat cuts 03:58
Taste differences among deer 04:08
Easy venison cooking 05:17
Simple goat cooking 05:21
Easy pork cooking 05:25
Meat & dirt concerns 05:30
Meat spoilage time 05:42
Game meat handling/storage 06:10
Preserving hides 06:56 – (How to tan a hide video – https://youtu.be/Pjdr9wKuc6o)
Transporting deer 07:36
Common animals & hunting styles 08:00
Game vs. pest species 09:06
Common Australian pests 09:43
Main game species 10:07
Kangaroo hunting 10:28


• Watch all of the videos in this hunting questions playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwY-MKJlALMDxYTurG038O5Q5F4pgmBKw
• Learn more or join the Australian Hunters Club – https://www.australianhunters.com.au
• Download pdf of questions and answers – https://www.australianhunters.com.au/99questions

VIDEO #1 – Firearm Licensing, Firearm Storage & Firearm Safety,

Firearms license minimum age
Bow hunting license
Firearms limit
Immediate firearm purchase
Buying used firearms
Purchasing a friend’s firearm
Hunting with handguns
Semi-automatic/automatic rifles
Alcohol & firearm
Hunting license types
Owning unlisted ammo
Best caliber for new hunters
Borrowing a friend’s firearm
Firearm maintenance
Preventing firearm rust
Ammo quantity limits
Hunting across state lines
Additional hunting licenses
Hunting locations
Firearm storage
Buying a safe later
Storing ammo with firearms
When to load a rifle
Rifle handling safety
Dropped rifle safety

VIDEO #2 – Hunting in Australia

Time for first big game
Changing hunting spots
Wind’s role in hunting
Animal presence signs
Insights on animal prints
Best time for deer hunting
Hunting with dogs
Hunting dogs limit
Quick shooting tips
Effective area scouting
Best time to hunt deer
Hunting styles
Hunting & rain
Shooting fleeing deer
Earliest time to shoot in state forest
Latest time to shoot in state forest
Stalking on tracks
Spotlight/thermal use
Loaded firearms in forests
Shooting over fences
Deer hunting seasons
Finding wounded game
Delayed search after wounding
Camping in state forests
Night hunting in state forests
Meeting other hunters
Asking for hunting spots

VIDEO #4 – Hunting Gear & Vehicles

Different ammo brands
Recommended hunting knife
GPS/PLB necessity
Essential hunting items
Value of gaiters
Ammo quantity for a hunt
Camouflage importance
Bow hunting in Australia
Bow arrowhead type
Bow poundage recommendation
Crossbow hunting in Australia
Minimum caliber for deer
Deer hunting limits
Scaring animals with a shot
Hunting binoculars with rangefinders
Spotting scope importance
Reloading ammunition worth it
Most important item
Shooting from cars
Storing firearms while camping
Storing ammo in cars
Loaded firearms in cars
Concealing firearms in public
Informing police about firearms
Correct deer terminology
Average shooting distance


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