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As a hunter (or being the partner of a hunter) managing the balance between a healthy hunting lifestyle and healthy relationships can be tricky. Being away from family for long periods of time, trying to convince your partner that hunting is a positive activity, keeping firearms on your property, helping support your partner before and after a hunt are all tricky things to manage and difficult things to master.

Over the years my wife Amy and I have ridden this rollercoaster ride with it’s up and downs, navigating the challenges of spending time away, communication around and compromises we must all take to protect and deepen our relationships and I’d like to think we’ve learnt a few things along the way.

This video features an open discussion between my wife Amy and I about the journey we’ve gone through in hunting, the reality of how hunting effects relationships and families, and finally, includes some tips and advice you can use to strengthen your relationships.

Both Amy and I are passionate about the value and importance of healthily relationships, family and personal growth, so if you have any questions for us we’d love to hear them in the comments section below. Also if you have any advice that others could benefit from hearing be sure to add it below in the comments too! We all have room for growth and learning.


Intro – 00:12

How to handle the initial communication and explanation to your partner – 00:54

Reassure your partner with education around firearm safety practices – 01:37

What are the big points of tension you will come across – 06:44

Consider calling hunts early and heading home – 09:51

What has changed in my and my wife’s behaviour and attitude over the years – 15:20

Encourage your partner to get involved in your hunting lifestyle – 18:40

Encourage your partner to be clear on what they need from you before a hunt: 21:14

Encourage your partner in their own hobbies – 22:35

Don’t always expect you can go out for a hunt – 24:16

Be open to alternative hunting arrangements and durations – 27:24

Get a calendar and use it – 28:10

Wrap up – 28:49

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