How to cook a TASTY venison steak marinade (recipe)

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In this video, Chris Waters The Huntsman shows you how to cook up a beautiful venison steak marinade.



Here is what you’re going to need to make your marinade:

1 cup of mild olive oil
3/4 of a cup of soy source
100ml of red win vinegar
Some freshly squeezed lemon juice
A quarter of a cup of Worcestershire sauce
2 garlic cloves that have been peeled a crushed
2 tablespoons of dried mustard powder
1 teaspoon of salt
Some black pepper

Throw it all in a bowl, give it a mix, and then add in your meat cuts.

Leave your meat cuts submerged in the marinade overnight and then cook in a hot pan like a normal steak. Venison is a lean meat so don’t overcook it. A few minutes on each side should be sufficient.

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