Hunters HATE animals or hunters LOVE animals? Can a hunter be a conservationist/environmentalist?

Video description:

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day (who knows that I am a hunter) and in an off hand comment I mentioned that I consider myself both a conservationist, animal lover, environmentalist AND a hunter… What’s sad is that this combination of words confused my friend. They couldn’t see how someone who is passionate about hunting and killing animals could be EQUALLY passionate about the livelihood of those animals, their welfare and the protection of the environments they live in.

Now if you’re a hunter this wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. We’ve long been m

isrepresented in the media as blood thirsty, adrenalin junkie hooligans, but it’s sad none the less that people don’t understand the unique connection hunters have with the their prey and the environment they live in.

in this video I try and break down the complex topic into simple ideas that hopefully will help you communicate to someone who shares this misconception.

Can hunters really love the animals they kill??? Tune into the video to find out.

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