Hunting Podcast, Hunter Camp Invite, Free Member Trial, Hunting Ebike | CHANNEL UPDATE

Video description:

A lot’s been going on recently so I figured it was time for a channel update. In this video I talk about the success of the new hunting podcast I’ve just started, a new free trial that’s available for the Australian Hunters Club and some hunts about future hunting content.


Hunting Podcast Update – 00:41
Free Hunting Club Membership Trial – 02:50
Hunting Ebike (and discount) – 04:37
Future Hunts & Content – 06:35
Annual camp this month (RSVP NOW!) – 07:57
Wrap up and lambs – 08:35

As always a BIG thank you to everyone who supports me and my efforts in trying to make the hunting community and culture stronger here in Australia. Onwards!



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