I finally got a good hunting headlamp! | Silva headlamps analysis

Video description:

Yes, it finally happened. I sucked it up and got a good headlamp for hunting. Previously I’d be using a pretty dodgy $10 Aldi heap light because I was tight with my money, but boy does a decent headlamp make a difference for hunting, hiking and camp life.

Tune into this video as I walk through the two Silva headlamps I’ve now got (Silva Explore 4RC and Silva Cross trail 7R), their features, pros and cons and how they compare in a test. As I mention at the end of the video the Silva Explore is my personal favourite and I think it represents your best value for money, but you be the judge.


00:00: Introduction
00:58: Outlining the comparison test
01:43: Silva Cross Trail 7R feature explanation and overview
02:18: Silva Cross Trail 7R demonstration
03:10: Silva Explore 4RC feature explanation and overview
03:38: Silva Explore demonstration
04:22 Aldi/Javis Walker demonstration
04:36 Side by side comparison for all three headlamps
05:16 Price and feature comparison
07:36 My recommendation
08:41 Wrap up

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