I tanned a Sambar deer hide as a rug for my boys. This was their reaction!

Video description:

If you’ve been following the channel recently a couple of months ago I went hunting with Gordon from @North east Experience as well as Andrew and Grant from @The Bald Chef AU (here is a link to the hunt which I documented https://youtu.be/fZZQsulrKf8). During that hunt I manged to get a Spiker on the ground which we hauled out intact (that sucked!) for a Bald Chef wild game meat cooking and butchery workshop (which was awesome).

After the workshop was completed Grant was kind enough to send me the fleshy hide in the mail which I’ve been working on these last few weeks, fleshing and tanning. Just this week I completed the finishing touches and surprised my boys Eli and Parker with the Sambar rug.

This was their reaction.

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