I’m going to eat some juicy bugs! Cockroaches, Mealworms & Crickets. YUM!

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Video description:

So heads up, this video is a strange one! Recently I got my hands on some freeze dried insects and the thought randomly entered my mind “hmmmm, I wonder If I could eat these and whether they could be a good hunting snack?” So given I have very little filter between my thoughts and my actions I made this video. HAHA.

Tune in to watch me eat some bugs and give my thoughts on whether or not bugs make a good hunting snack. Warning, no bugs were hurt during the making of this video…. they were long dead when I got them.


Intro: 00:00
The concept: 00:32
Eating mealworms: 01:32
Eating king mealworms: 02:29
Eating crickets: 04:09
Eating cockroaches: 05:02
Closing thoughts: 05:02

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