INTENSE dingo encounter & hunt! | High Country Sambar Deer Hunt Victoria

Video description:

Recently my brother Tyson and I were up in the beautiful Victorian High Country hunting sambar and fallow deer hunt when we set upon by two really aggressive dingo’s. At one point the dingo’s came all the way up to use, 30m away and let off a bone chilling growl. This video documents the hunt.


Into – 00:00
Camp set up – 00:30
The deer hunt – 01:25
The dingo encounter – 02:19
Locating the shot dingo – 04:33 [WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT]
Harvesting the dingo for it’s bounty – 07:57 [WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT]
The law concerning killing dingos – 08:17
Reflections on dingos – 09:14
Wrap up – 11:57

A WORD ON DINGOS: Dingos are amazing beautiful animals that play a vital role in our bush ecosystem controlling the number of herbivores consuming our flora. They are efficient at what they do and are worthy of our respect, awe and admiration. The decision to take a Dingo’s life should never be an easy one, and should be made on a case by case basis.

THE LEGALITES OF KILLING DINGOS: The Dingo is listed as a threatened species under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 and as a result is protected (threatened wildlife) under the Wildlife Act 1975. However to allow the continued control of wild dogs where they threaten livestock, an Order in Council was made on 1 October 2010 under the Wildlife Act 1975, declaring the Dingo as unprotected wildlife in certain areas of the state. The Order in Council is in place to enable wild dog control for the protection of livestock on private land and along the boundaries of public land in some areas of the state, whilst also ensuring the conservation of the Dingo on most public land. The hunt documented through this video was taken on private property with the owners express orders to shoot any dingos or wild dogs we saw in order to protect his livestock.

For more information on the legalities of killing dinogs in Victoria Australia visit this link

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