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Is hunting on private property without permission bad? It’s a great question to ask yourself. Did you know that in the eyes of the law and the Australian government if you carry a firearm or shoot an animal on private property without express permission by the landowner it is considered ‘poaching’ and a punishable offence. If you shoot on private property without permission in Australia and get caught you will loose your firearm license, all of your firearms and guns as could earn a $6000 fire or even 12 months jail time.

If you ask around you won’t find it difficult to hear stories from property owners who have closed their gates to hunters because of . So if you want to continue to support landowners, hunt on their land and enjoy the hunting opportunities on their properties think twice the next time you try and sneak in without first asking permission. Seriously, it’s not hard to ask and there are plenty of private property owners in our country who would be willing to give hunters a chance, if only they do the right thing.

So is private property without permission bad? Well, is poaching bad? You’re dam straight it is!

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