Lost dogs, hunting off an ebike and a feisty blue tongue lizard! Hunting Australia

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Video description:

So you’ve read the video title, Lost dogs, hunting off an ebike and a feisty blue tongue lizard. That’s pretty much it haha. Last week I snuck out for a few hours while the weather was sunny and headed over to a property I have access to for a rabbit hunt on the EORB Hunter ebike.

When I arrived at the property the owner let me know that she had lost two of her dogs so off I went to try and find some rabbits and the lost dogs. Along the way I got a good feel for how the bike performs on a large property, it’s top speed, how it handles, as well as the freedom it can give you while hunting.

Towards the end of the hunt I found a blue tongue lizard baking in the sun and figured I’d have a go trying to catch him for a quick hold and release.

If you like Australian hunting videos, are interested in learning more about hunting ebikes or want to see me nearly get bitten by a Victorian blue tongue lizard then I think you’ll enjoy the video.

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