Night Tech XD 65 Pro II Thermal Monocular Review, Unboxing & Demonstration

Video description:

Over the last couple of months I’ve been having heaps of fun with the Night Tech XD 65 Pro II Thermal Monocular and now it’s time to wrap up all my thoughts in a review.

In this video I unbox the XD 65 Pro II Thermal Monocular, provide and a demonstration on it’s key features, walk you through the interesting features in the menu, give my constructive feedback on the features I think can be improved as well as showcase some of the footage I’ve collected these last two months.

If you’re interested in seeing the Thermal handheld camera in action you can also check out the videos linked below.

State Park 30 minute thermal challenge!


00:00 Intro
01:02 Unboxing
04:12 Feature demonstration
05:55 Menu
06:31 Constructive feedback and issues
08:37 Footage
09:18 Wrap up

DISCLIAMER: A Night Tech XD 65 Pro II thermal monocular was provided to The Australian Huntsman by Ground Force International to help facilitate this content. The comments, opinions, thoughts and reflections on this device in this video are my own, authentic and unaltered, and have not influenced, pressured or altered by others in any way. I understand and acknowledge the responsibly I have to be be honest online in light of the way weight some people put on my opinions and thoughts. For that reason I will continue to be honest when it comes to products that have been provided to me by others. If a product is good, I’ll tell you why it’s good. If a product has issues I’ll tell you what those issues are. If a product is rubbish I’ll tell you that too. Simple.

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