Quick tips for new and experienced hunters | Deer, Pig, Duck, Buffalo, Foxes & Rabbit!

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It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced hunter, there is always something to learn or opportunity for growth. In this video Chris Waters (the Australian Huntsman) offers up some quick tips that can help you become a better hunter.
If you’ve got your own hunting trips be sure to mention them in the comments section. Let’s grow together.


00:36 – Connect and hunt with other hunters.
01:24 – Try new hunting techniques.
02:15 – Stay positive when hunting.
03:18 – Try a guided hunt or safari.
04:02 – Membership plug
04:37 – Try new hunting tools.
05:23 – Document your hunts.
06:20 – Hunt with binoculars.
07:08 – Invest in a hunting location.
08:18 – Know when it’s time to find a new hunting location.
09:16 – Move slowly when hunting.
10:10 – Find a hunting mentor.
11:15 – Hunt in all weather conditions.
12:02 – Hunt small game.
12:43 – Don’t measure success by harvest.

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